「What is this!?」The feeling when you meet something new.
「I want to know more about that!」
This is the feeling before you get knowledge which leads you to a new world.
「Curiosity」is “a given”「talent 」which all children have.
Our role is to recognize this ability within children and help them nurture it to maximize their own learning skills.

Point 1

=Children learn the best through experience=

Various creative activities enforce the children’s leaning skills.
Art & Craft, Dramatic Play・Music & Movement・Games・Cooking・Math・Science・Fiscal Education, all these hands on activities help children to enhance their thirst for knowledge.

Point 2

=Children learn the best in a well-planned learning environment=

Blocks・Art・Dramatic Play・Table Toys・Library, we set 5 corners, where the children have different experience giving them the opportunity to learn, play and explore new things.

Point 3

=Support children using positive guidance strategy=

We use positive guidance to support children's problem solving, decision making and most of all, self-guidance skills. We interact and communicate positively with children.
We treat them with respect and acceptance in any situation.
Children in turn develop their social skills positively whilst playing with their friends.

Our Goal is to be

We believe in children’s limitless possibilities.
We cultivate dynamic creativity leading to positive futures.
We aim to share diverse values for the emergence of a fertile international world where children can grow alongside each other.
We understand being a part of this world
means respecting and accepting other cultures, people, and their lives.
We all live together so each one of us must have communication skills to work alongside one another.
We think that being creative is conceiving something from
what appears to be nothing with our intellectual interest and cultivated inspiration.
We can express ourselves through our own creativity to the whole world!